Our Story

Green Mitr was born out of sheer need to find easy ways to access green alternatives for those who seek to go green. To help people take that step towards a green sustainable tomorrow. To help people literally turn a new leaf.

A broken ankle and a hyper active mind, gave time and focus to pursue the deep seated urge to purge life off toxicity. To flush the house off products that clog, pollute and destroy the planet.

What began as a pleasurable perusal of a passion, soon turned into a nightmare. The grim realisation of what we have got ourselves into, albeit unwittingly and the enormity of the task looming ahead dawned and hung on us like dark heavy clouds. Where do we begin? Where do we source? Even worse how do we discern the truly genuine ones from the plethora of products that claim to be green and yet, on closer scrutiny, turn out to be evil cousins of what we already had.

After uncountable hours of toil on the net, asking amused neighbours and friends, trials & errors, hits & misses, desperate attempts at identifying truly eco-friendly alternatives and several returns later, our house became a green haven – a true home… living our eco philosophy.

We decided to celebrate and savour our hard earned victory over the plastic villains. As we leaned back in satisfaction on our as good as new preloved antique cane sofa, sipping organic chai, flavoured with home grown ginger and lemongrass, a tiny thought crept into our minds.

This journey we undertook to turn green, this pain we underwent to find green alternatives was worth it. Yet how many would have done it?

How many would be aware of the mess the world has gotten itself into in the name of innovation, time saving convenience and so called progress of a modern lifestyle? How many care?

Or are there people out there like us, who want to turn green but got lost in the labyrinth of online marketing and social media hyped fake products? How many would climb the arduous mountain of research and net search? Would they have given up? Too hard, taking too long to find green alternatives? Would they have turned back for want of a comprehensive space with genuine recommendations and products?

Interestingly, are there those that make these genuine eco-friendly products and are struggling to find their go green customers? Buyers and sellers need to meet!

We put aside our now cold tea, our thoughts racing and warming to the idea in the making. Can we share our story? Can we inspire others? Share our map to a greener planet, a better tomorrow, a sustainable future? Atleast with those similar helpless souls in pursuit ofeco-friendly lifestyle?

Can we make it easier for them to turn a new leaf and go green?

Thus was born the GreenMitr, a friend in your eco journey.

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