This Festive season, burst your negativity and spare the environment. Quite a cliché or hard-hitting or something you have heard before? Well there is no harm in hearing it once again and imbibing the essence of celebrating festivals with the same pomp, grandeur and vigor like we have been doing all these years but the Eco friendly way. Before we jump to that aspect, let’s spend some time in remembering our childhood days and what festivals meant to us. Take Dussehra for example. If you are from East India like me, I am sure you are thinking about Pandal hopping and Bhog prasad of Durga Puja, if you are from West well nothing beats the beats of Navratri Garbha, up North – it’s all about Ramleela and Ravan Dahan and South is the cutest with its Golu Dolls Decoration. Be it Dussehra, Eid or Diwali, each of them are marked with their own set of traditions and celebrations. We will perform the same rituals this time too, but with a twist. Here are a few of my suggestions : Deposit Your Expenditure: If you have been celebrating for quite some time, you would know the expenses incurred for the festival. Put aside an equivalent amount for charity. For the next big festival – Eid or Diwali or Christmas, you can take it a level higher. Buy a piggy bank and start depositing money for every small thing – be it buying new clothes, sweets, decoration, fairs etc. This terracotta piggy bank or the wooden one, is all you need for making it a fun #activity and adding that eco-friendly touch to your house. Kids can have their own. The earlier they learn the better. Distribute the Deposits Towards a Social Cause: Just a week before the festival or occasion, sit down over a cup of tea or hot chocolate with your family members, and decide where to spend your piggy bank treasure. My recommendations:
  • Donate to Needy : With winters around the corner, you can spend a portion of your savings towards buying these cotton blankets and distributing the same to the domestic help, your security guard, iron man , delivery folks or even to your society housekeeping staff.
  • Cut down on your own intake of sweets. instead of buying 2 kg of Kaaju Barfi for yourself, distribute good quality clinic grade masks and hand sanitizer to those who are improvising or not wearing/having. Believe me both your tummy and conscience will thank you.
  • Feed the hungry: Since childhood we have seen our parents inviting young girls home for a meal of Halwa, Chana and Poori and seek their blessings with small gifts. Taking it a step further,my sister started inviting girls from her domestic help’s residential area as well. I would recommend you to follow this example , invite them home and pack meals in these steel tiffin boxes or disposable ones – the blessings and smiles will multiply and leave you with much needed positivity and happiness.

Decorate Your House With Indian Art: It’s all about balance. It’s good to be involved in social causes but simultaneously we need to inculcate the value of Indian art in our children to ensure the traditions and folk tales are kept alive . One option is to use these DIY kits to make 3D models of Indian Gods and Goddesses. I myself made one of these – of Ma Durga with her 10 hands mounted on a lion and looking soft and strong at the same time. Its placed on my office desk and a sneak peek anytime gives me the much-needed strength to continue with my tasks. Another option is to buy these cute dolls of Ramayana and Recycled Puppet Diyas to aid in your narration of how Good Won Over Evil. Burn The Negativity Inside Not crackers: Light the earthen diyas, treat your family to one hearty meal, stay safe indoors, don’t let the pandemic affect your spirit and soul, celebrate each and every festival with warmth and happiness. The way Lord Rama was victorious over Ravana in the end, hope we all succeed in our journeys of combating evil and spreading goodness around. This Blog has been written by our Green Mitr Vinita Sanghi.