Death by Plastic

Death by Plastic

Plastic is killing more than 1 million animals every year. Marine life forms are prone to plastic debris and are killed by ingesting or being entangled in plastic. It’s time to turn the tide. Recycle everything you can and shop non plastic from today.


Cut your energy footprints and eat healthy too. You save up to 3% fuel per pan using a lid to cover pots n pans while cooking. Cooking with lids on, on a slow flame reduces 2/3rds energy cost while improving moisture and heat retention. Your veggies and meat cook tender and...

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Green therapy

Ecotherapy or green therapy, is the applied practice of Ecopsychology. Study shows that people who spend time with nature and nature related activities, have better coping mechanism and face lower stress levels, anxiety and depression. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle will contribute to a happier and stress-free life.

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On the hot setting, 90% of the energy a washing machine consumes is spent heating water and only 10% is used to run the motor. Washing in cold water is also more than just a smart laundry energy-saving tip. Lower temperatures can help your clothes last longer by protecting...

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Plastic Footprint Calculator

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