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Lush green gardens, valleys & forests, snowy white mountain caps, clean blue seas & oceans, happily gurgling rivers, calm deep lakes, chirpy fresh mornings, bright & sunny days, vibrant sunsets, cool fragrant breeze, charming inky nights, a warm cosy home and someone to call your name…

Sweet dreams are made of these and many more… yet we find ourselves far from this sweet scenario.

Green Mitr seeks to revive and restore the hope of this dream. To help turn dreams of a sustainable tomorrow into today’s reality. To create Eco awareness with a sense of urgency, give a push to the need to change perceptive, change attitudes, change lifestyle and buying decisions for a greener planet.

All this without going back to the caves!

Green Mitr is a pro-environment e commerce guide, seeking to create awareness and encourage people to go green.

To take firm, well researched steps to eco-friendly lifestyle. To make the right buying decisions that contribute towards responsible living without compromising on comfort or convenience.

Eco awareness that leads to action. An easy, hassle free buying experience. All under one roof.

Green Mitr provides a platform for those who seek and those who make eco-friendly products and services. A green bridge for buyers and sellers.

Green Mitr is not about mindlessly replacing existing stuff with greener alternatives. It is about the Rs – Rethink, Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, Repair and Renew. It is also about sharing green ideas and living as a responsible global citizen.

Green Mitr believes that each individual can take steps towards a cleaner, greener earth, themselves. At home, at office and all areas under their circle of influence.

We at Green Mitr encourage suggestions, recommendations, healthy feedback and active contribution from you.

Each of you who reach and read Green Mitr, who make wise choices through Green Mitr, who join our Green Mitr community, become part of the solution to a greener planet we yearn & dream about.

You become a Green Mitr too…for life.
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